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7 products with keratin

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7 products with keratin

Repair shampoo with keratin 250 ml : Shampoo with great cleansing power, which slips the dirt away from the hair and prepares it for the subsequent straightening treatment. This is the first step of a brazilian straightening treatment

Straightening creme with keratin 200 ml : Straightening cream with moisturising active and keratin that repairs the hair fibre and maintains the natural structure of the hair during the straightening process.

- Neutralizer with keratin 400 ml : Neutralizing emulsion enriched with keratin. This is the 3nd step of a brazilian straightening treatment

Shampoo reconstructor with keratin 250 ml : Shampoo with great reconstruction power to use after the treatment with keratin, which repairs the hair fibre leaving it straight and even. This is the 4nd step of the brazilian straightening treatment

Straightening mask with keratin 150 ml : Creamy texture’s mask that brings moisturising, nutrition and repair during the straightening process.This product need to be used in complement of a straightening treatment

Straightening balsam with keratin 75ml : Texturized serum which brings moisturising, nutrition and repair from the root to the ends, leaving the hair glowing and protected.

Nourishing spray with keratin 200ml : Keratin lotion that provides concentrated nutrition to repair seal split ends and protect from heat and daily stresses. Contains betain that leaves the hair soft and easier to style. You can use this product in complement of a for brazilian straightening treatment.

With this 7 products without formol, your hair will be straight, shining... during 4 of 5 months !

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Packages are generally shipped within 2 days of receipt of payment. They are shipped via UPS with a tracking number and delivered without a signature. Whatever delivery method you choose, we'll send you a link to track your package online.

Shipping costs include preparation and packaging costs as well as postage. Preparation costs are fixed, while transport costs vary according to the total weight of the package. We recommend that you consolidate all of your items into one order.

We cannot combine two orders placed separately and shipping costs apply to each of them. Your package is shipped at your own risk, but special attention is paid to fragile items. The box dimensions are appropriate and your items are properly protected.

Exchanges are free, as long as you keep the original packaging and do not wear or damage the extensions.

Maintenance tips

Extensions, made from 100% natural hair, are not nourished by the scalp, unlike your hair. It is therefore advisable to use appropriate care that will allow your extensions to remain in excellent condition.

A range of special extension treatments is offered to you by Royal Extension. The use of these treatments (shampoos and masks, creams, serums) protects your extensions and guarantees you optimal and long-lasting use.

If you purchase exterior care, use only so-called "gentle" care, without Paraben, neutral pH and sulfate-free. Take the time to brush your hair regularly to prevent knots from forming, including before shampooing. Wash them with lukewarm water preferably.

It is advisable to carry out 1 to 2 shampoos per week.


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